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{December 26, 2010}   Lame Christmas Cracker jokes 2010

As is now tradition – a collection of some of the lamest jokes from our family Christmas crackers
(The title of this post should set no standards and if they do then please get your eyes tested!)

Lame jokes

What did the guests sing at the snowman’s Christmas party?
Freeze a jolly good fellow!
What do you get if you cross a cowboy with an octopus?
Billy the Squid!
What is a door not a door?
When it’s ajar?
What clothes do lawyers wear in court?
What is the best way to prevent wrinkles?
Don’t sleep in your clothes


What is the oldest musical instrument?
The Flute
What does HTML stand for?
Hyper Text Mark up LanguageWhat “C” is a name given to someone who makes or sells candles?
George Bernard Shaw’s play “Pygmalion” was adapted to become which musical?
My Fair Lady
Which nation first gave women the right to vote?
New Zealand


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