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{December 3, 2012}   Joke of the Day 3/12/12

Been awhile – lets be honest. Been a crazy few weeks and while contemplating what I have been upto I realise that at least once a week I am reminded that  I am getting older. I am now calling them my ‘Statler and Waldorf moments’

The most recent being sitting in a balcony seats earlier this week at the Bozar watching a show. Todays joke of the day is a Statler & Waldorf image and some of their best lines.



Statler: That was wonderful!
Waldorf: Bravo!
S: I loved it!
W: That was great!
S: Well, it was pretty good.
W: Well, It wasn’t bad.
S: There were parts that weren’t pretty good, though.
W: It could’ve been a lot better.
S: I didn’t really like it.
W: It was pretty terrible.
S: It was bad.
W: It was awful!
S & W: Boo! Boo!

And an age related one 🙂

Statler: That Johnny Depp is everywhere! What’s he got that I haven’t, besides youth, good looks, virility, fame, wealth…
Waldorf: …functioning kidney, gallbladder, hip…
Statler: Alright! Alright! Alright!


Sure its been awhile since i have posted anything, but a particular conversation with a close friend has prompted this surge of energy on my side. Let me set the scene…. using the powers of skype we are watching Pirates of the Caribbean (number 1 if you are interested) together and talking about one of the characters from that film (the female pirate in case you are still reading this) was in Avatar and how I had not seen it yet.

Moving on a few minutes in the conversation it came to light that although I had read Lord of the Rings, I had not watched it at all but in comparison my friend had watched the film but not read the book. We made a decision. Whoever received the most votes out of the following poll would have to read or watch the movie dependng on which they hadn’t done. Please understand that watching a trilogy is exhausting (yes we do things in extremes here) – and watching anything that is longer an advert send me to sleep (yes I didn’t make it through the Pirates film)

Please help me and vote for @filmvsbook to read the book. Its the only sane thing to do! Please click here!

Thank you for reading my ramblings and save me 10 hours of my life.


{December 29, 2010}   Joke of the Day 29/12/10

During christmas there is so much TV that I just sit here in a “stuffed to the brim” state due to the copius amounts of food ma makes for us (apparently I dont eat when I am not at home, I dont think she gets what I do!) and watch tv in a daze thinking about that last slice of cake I just stuffed into my mouth! So when I see something funny it must be shared!

A funny piece of advertising!

Enjoy! (Hope you are all eating well)

{December 26, 2010}   Lame Christmas Cracker jokes 2010

As is now tradition – a collection of some of the lamest jokes from our family Christmas crackers
(The title of this post should set no standards and if they do then please get your eyes tested!)

Lame jokes

What did the guests sing at the snowman’s Christmas party?
Freeze a jolly good fellow!
What do you get if you cross a cowboy with an octopus?
Billy the Squid!
What is a door not a door?
When it’s ajar?
What clothes do lawyers wear in court?
What is the best way to prevent wrinkles?
Don’t sleep in your clothes


What is the oldest musical instrument?
The Flute
What does HTML stand for?
Hyper Text Mark up LanguageWhat “C” is a name given to someone who makes or sells candles?
George Bernard Shaw’s play “Pygmalion” was adapted to become which musical?
My Fair Lady
Which nation first gave women the right to vote?
New Zealand

{December 24, 2010}   Christmas Joke of the Day 24/12/10

Christmas Eve!

As we close our laptops and switch off our iPads (yes, it is possible to live without them for a few days – trust me) you see your updates filled with a funky way to analyse your statuses for the past year. I know this as I jumped on this bandwagon whole heartedly last year (see previous post).

In the past year, with the new job/new friends/new apartment there has been more of a segregation between what I post on facebook and what I post on twitter/linkedin (some call this maturity but I wouldn’t go that far… I still watch Power Rangers before heading into work rather than CNN). I thought it would be an interesting comparison to see what were the key topics I covered in both worlds.

so first we have my personal account on facebook

which to summarise is about food, weekends, how awesome food is and about living in Brussels generally. (better than the flat hunting statuses from last year! 🙂 )

and then we move onto my twitter account

which to summarise is about my work and my colleagues firstly but there are sneaky mentions of the Eurostar, my tweets with chefs (I simply can’t resist) and my search for restaurants to eat!

It is safe to say that although there is a clearer definition between topics mentioned in both statuses, both are heavily spiced with my love of food; be it in the form of cooking, eating or just watching it being made! It is not a bad way to spend a year!

I think it is safe to say that the food topic will continue into 2011…

{December 23, 2010}   Christmas Joke of the Day 23/12/10

Smile! 🙂

Holiday holiday holiday 🙂

Tip of the day – stay away from the yellow snow!

{December 22, 2010}   Christmas Joke of the Day 22/12/10

Happy Happy times! Holidayyyy!

{December 21, 2010}   Christmas Joke of the Day 21/12/10

Still snowing where you are?

Enjoy! 🙂

{December 20, 2010}   Christmas Joke of the Day 20/12/10

Have a lovely day everyone! Only a few more days.


et cetera