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{November 17, 2009}   The Beginning of the packing

While this is not another post on flat hunting although that’s still going on, I am slightly surprised at the amount of stuff I have accumulated over the 3 years in this apartment. Every day trip somewhere in Belgium or pictures drawn by my niece and other crap that I keep collecting all seems to pile up.

Every year there are the usual articles in magazines about whether you are a hoarder or not. I don’t think I am as I do throw a lot of stuff out and can be quite ruthless but there seems to be so much stuff everywhere. I read these articles and smile knowingly that I am not that person. I am now sitting here looking at the boxes I am using and I seem to need more and more! Eeek.

I can imagine when I do eventually move – the new place will be boxes boxes and more boxes for a little while. I am actually freaking out as there are boxes everywhere and I don’t move till mid Decemeber! Arghhh, I suppose I should stop building boxes in my head until I figure out where they will be going!



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