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{January 14, 2010}   Flat hunting part 3

Yep today/tomorrow are the days I move into a flat share for 10 months or so. Should be fun.

Here we go!


{January 11, 2010}   Flat hunting part 2

This gripping story of my flat hunt continues!

A flat share has been found in a cool location in Brussels and as a result I need to go and find some of stuff that currently lies in a container (from my previous flat while I couchsurf) and will lie there until I find something more permanent for all my belongings to live!
I went to find my duvet and some of my extra shoes. (they are too pretty to be left in a container with no one to watch!)

This is what I faced 🙂

(WordPress is being silly so it wouldnt upload correctly! Click to see picture.)

et cetera