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{November 15, 2009}   Clapping in the cinema

Another irritating point about people’s behaviour that gets me – people clapping in cinemas. There are facebook groups on this and there are netlog discussions about this yet it still surprises me that people still do it. I thought they may have been too ashamed once reading these groups/blogs that they might sit on their hands at the cinema now. But…. No.

So it’s a Saturday night and the film starts at 10.15PM, mostly bored couples and some random eejits like me attend at this time. The film in question is “MJ – This is it” The last minute slap dash film about the much anticipated epic concerts and the on stage preparation that had been taking place. I have to be honest, the preparation they went through, with a global casting for dancers and amazing videos and on stage decoration, the teams should be proud of the work they did, even though it was all for prep only.

The film lasted just over 90 minutes and the majority of it was just MJ dancing to all the songs we know and love. Each song received its own amazing choreography and examples of MJ being pedantic over how the song should be played or danced to, To be honest, the only good thing about the film was seeing the songs I love being actually sung by MJ. However, if we go back to my initial ranting topic, clapping in the cinema – I am seeing this film 3 weeks after it was released in Belgium and there were STILL people clapping at the end.

WHY?? WHAT IS THE POINT? What does it achieve?

Yes I agree, that the concert would have been absolutely amazing; had they been actually played out live, but perhaps we should leave the clapping for live performances?? This is the only time where the artists/actors/comedians will be able to fully appreciate the clapping and the happy clappers will also be the majority.

But just in case Happy Clappers need alternatives hobbies as they cannot resist – then here we go…

– To be given lead weight gloves to keep their hands firmly at their sides when at cinema
– To be given a separate private room so they may clap as loudly as they like
– To be confined to attend live performances only
– To be hired at bad live performances

I don’t think I’ve missed any have I?
Clap or not to clap


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