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{December 3, 2012}   Joke of the Day 3/12/12

Been awhile – lets be honest. Been a crazy few weeks and while contemplating what I have been upto I realise that at least once a week I am reminded that  I am getting older. I am now calling them my ‘Statler and Waldorf moments’

The most recent being sitting in a balcony seats earlier this week at the Bozar watching a show. Todays joke of the day is a Statler & Waldorf image and some of their best lines.



Statler: That was wonderful!
Waldorf: Bravo!
S: I loved it!
W: That was great!
S: Well, it was pretty good.
W: Well, It wasn’t bad.
S: There were parts that weren’t pretty good, though.
W: It could’ve been a lot better.
S: I didn’t really like it.
W: It was pretty terrible.
S: It was bad.
W: It was awful!
S & W: Boo! Boo!

And an age related one 🙂

Statler: That Johnny Depp is everywhere! What’s he got that I haven’t, besides youth, good looks, virility, fame, wealth…
Waldorf: …functioning kidney, gallbladder, hip…
Statler: Alright! Alright! Alright!


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