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Sure its been awhile since i have posted anything, but a particular conversation with a close friend has prompted this surge of energy on my side. Let me set the scene…. using the powers of skype we are watching Pirates of the Caribbean (number 1 if you are interested) together and talking about one of the characters from that film (the female pirate in case you are still reading this) was in Avatar and how I had not seen it yet.

Moving on a few minutes in the conversation it came to light that although I had read Lord of the Rings, I had not watched it at all but in comparison my friend had watched the film but not read the book. We made a decision. Whoever received the most votes out of the following poll would have to read or watch the movie dependng on which they hadn’t done. Please understand that watching a trilogy is exhausting (yes we do things in extremes here) – and watching anything that is longer an advert send me to sleep (yes I didn’t make it through the Pirates film)

Please help me and vote for @filmvsbook to read the book. Its the only sane thing to do! Please click here!

Thank you for reading my ramblings and save me 10 hours of my life.



As we close our laptops and switch off our iPads (yes, it is possible to live without them for a few days – trust me) you see your updates filled with a funky way to analyse your statuses for the past year. I know this as I jumped on this bandwagon whole heartedly last year (see previous post).

In the past year, with the new job/new friends/new apartment there has been more of a segregation between what I post on facebook and what I post on twitter/linkedin (some call this maturity but I wouldn’t go that far… I still watch Power Rangers before heading into work rather than CNN). I thought it would be an interesting comparison to see what were the key topics I covered in both worlds.

so first we have my personal account on facebook

which to summarise is about food, weekends, how awesome food is and about living in Brussels generally. (better than the flat hunting statuses from last year! 🙂 )

and then we move onto my twitter account

which to summarise is about my work and my colleagues firstly but there are sneaky mentions of the Eurostar, my tweets with chefs (I simply can’t resist) and my search for restaurants to eat!

It is safe to say that although there is a clearer definition between topics mentioned in both statuses, both are heavily spiced with my love of food; be it in the form of cooking, eating or just watching it being made! It is not a bad way to spend a year!

I think it is safe to say that the food topic will continue into 2011…

{December 17, 2010}   Shopping for Christmas gifts

I don’t celebrate Christmas but I certainly don’t turn down a plate of Turkey. The same applies to the shopping frenzy and the awesome deals that are going around the shops in Brussels.

The choice isn’t the largest but now that the shops are open on Sunday it means I can walk passed shoes I like again and again and again, just to torture myself knowing that I wont buy them. I can see friends already preparing their shopping list for items to target when we return in the New Year for the sales.

Picture the image if you will, women eyeing up their future prey while the items lie there helplessly wondering which home they will end up in. I imagine it is the same in every country so I will face the same situation when I return to the family nest for Christmas when my friends drag me out shopping. I am not saying I am any better but sitting back in my comfortable sofa buying all my items online so I don’t even have to consider leaving the house is much more comforting than trawling outdoors looking for great presents and great deals!

Happy Holidays!

We shop any way we can!

Picture from

Ok – today is the day – DODENTOCHT!!

Completely excited to walk my feet off for no other reason that I like walking and I don’t think I could run 20k so a 100k walk here I come!!
Theoretically I have been training once or twice a week with friends walking around Brussels to develop stamina for the 24 hours walk but in combination with a new job and meeting an intense number of people in the last 2 months, things have not gone to plan!

So today will be quietly working in a corner, having pushed all meetings to earlier this week or for next week so today is my minimal movement day. Consequently I spent last night watching the shooting stars and completely relaxing. I imagine my Sunday will be remarkably similar.

Packing my rucksack to last me 24 hours with the essentials is absolutely key!
Ipod and lipbalm

My track number is 4495 and to follow me you should type on the Dodentocht site and send me messages to keep me going via my twitter!!

Before and After pictures to follow 🙂

Wish me luck!

map reading is not a skill of mine!

{July 27, 2010}   Learning how to SMIZE!

To have a photo taken for my work website and to ensure I don’t look grumpy or miserable in anyway

I am a naturally happy person, apart from when it comes to taking photos. When asked by my employer whether it was possible to have a photo taken worthy of being placed on the website and wondered if I knew of a photographer. Obviously my mind went to the only person who I would tolerate taking my picture and photoshopping it in a way that there are no food stains remaining on my face or that I am not sticking my tongue out – the completely awesome princess misia.

Knowing that I am difficult person to photo, I should try and make the photographers life easy but I really don’t! The photographer, in combination with my sister and many other avid fashion fanatics are big fans of Americas Next Top Model so the word “Smize” kept being shouted at me on Saturday morning to the puzzlement of our surrounding neighbours.

I don’t smile in a photogenic way naturally as there are many issues I have to overcome – my odd teeth – my crazy thick hair that always look like I’ve been playing with a balloon just before the picture was taken and the fact that I cant smile. So a few days prior to the shoot, I sat at home compiling a list of jokes I had seen on twitter and facebook so when I was told to laugh I would resort one of the jokes and totally crack myself up. Do you think this worked? Errr NO!

Everytime I had to think of something funny, I thought of a joke then looked even more annoyed at the camera as the joke didn’t amuse me anymore. There are series of photos where you can see the internal monologue I am having trying to think of something funny so I can look naturally happy. GEEEZ! The odd thing is – I am a relatively funny person (well I seem to think so, on a normal day I totally crack myself up) and when needed I am unable to produce even a one liner to make myself smile. So this post is dedicated to the photographer, BFF and awesome cook whose life I make a complete misery whenever I feel the need for a new photo!

So my training for the 100k is going well – I have managed to target some friends who have a weakness for my silver tongued charms and agreed to the enticing invitation of a tour around Brussels.

Who better to drag around while doing a 20k trek around Brussels than my newly arrived flatmate who wants an introduction to the cool parts of Brussels. 🙂 I may have failed to mention that we’ll be going at a continuous pace and won’t be able to stop so picture taking, snacking or sitting down won’t really be high on the agenda.

However, this is not a trick I can pull twice, so now I am looking for eager volunteers for a random 10 and 20-25k hikes around Brussels during a weekday evening! (You’re more than welcome to message me on twitter and we’ll sort it out!)
Any volunteers??

I offer enthusiastic banter about nearly any topic and will guarantee that I will bring the topic back to food somewhere during the 2-4 hour walk! If a topic fails to amuse me then I will sing and not necessarily in my head.

So I am offering two things today – a warm welcome to my new flatmate Dagmar who you’ll be hearing about with regards to all the trials and tribulations I put her through and also an awesome chance to listen to me go on and on and on and on and on while I train for the 100k on the 13th August. Its tempting I know!

Have a great week everybody!

{July 12, 2010}   Do you wanna be in my gang?

For some crazy reason – I have decided to do Dodentocht. It is a 100km walk which begins in Bornem (Belgium!) and then the trek continues through several towns.

It is referred to as
the walking classic
the walking fair
the walking feast OR
the annual walking exam
but I think we know which title attracts me the most!!

They have an awesome sponsor list this year and I have begun training! Who knows if I will finish but I intend to go and have a damn good time! Do you want to join me? Register soon, let me know and join us for our lengthy evening stroll! To be honest – the knowledge that there will be food along the way will probably be the only thing that keeps me going (as with any trip I take!)

For a list of refreshments (most important) available and other info go to the Dodentocht page and if you join me and my friend we promise to make you laugh at least once during the 100km walk 🙂

100km is about 62.137 miles so it is doable! 🙂

Wish me luck!

(p.s. – I think you can figure out what the next few postings will be about!)

{July 5, 2010}   New day new job! :)

Sorry for the 5 month hiatus but suffice to say – service of random updates is now resumed!

So today is an important day for me 🙂 I begin a new job! Obviously there are a series of important questions that need to be addressed immediately!

What do I wear?
Shall I have my hair straight or curly?
Shall I take a pack lunch or just wing it and see if anyone will like me enough to show me around?

Ermmmm yep clothes, hair and food – all the key areas covered?

Ahh I forgot…

What shoes should I wear?

Yep now all the questions are covered.

So while straightening my hair, I go over the questions and all I can say is that I went a little crazy this morning and now look like this.

Hmm shoes in my lunchbox, my hair looks perfect and some lettuce for my feet to match my cucumber bracelet…. Err wait WHAT? OMG my hair! Arghhh

{February 16, 2010}   Happy Pancake Day!!!

My friends will tell you that I shouldn’t really be cooking and I am not really any good! Especially when you know who my friends are! They are all great cooks! Theres the crazy one and theres the sporty one and theres the funny one who all feed me and tell me not to go near a kitchen if possible!

However, today is pancake day! So Happy Pancake Day everyone!

Hmm food! I should begin thinking about which toppings I want!

So now, we focus on something different! My reputation as a foodie has been well developed and (said in an over confident yet self assured tone) very well deserved.

I eat at different restaurants in London and Brussels – I like to cook for friends and I generally like to eat! I like food! More so, I like simple food which is why a restaurant I like to frequent when I can is called Nandos! Its essentially a Portugese chicken restaurant! I love it I love it – Friends in the US tell me everytime they go, colleagues expect me to pick the restaurant when in Cape Town and in London; friends don’t even flinch when I mention it.

Planning a quick to trip to London, I plan to have dinner with an old friend who was around when my initial love began with Nandos – we arrived at the restaurant at 10.30 and were immediately told that there was no chicken. “NO CHICKEN” we repeated, staring at the staff disbelievingly.
No chicken wings but burgers were fine. We were tired and hungry – we would have eaten our own hands if they put peri sauce on it at that time.
It’s a chicken restaurant! What on earth! That was the end of a very long and eventful week!
Enjoy your next meal 😉

By the way – Happy Chinese New Year (Year of Tiger I believe) and also Happy Anna Howard Shaw day to you all

et cetera