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{April 6, 2008}   New month, new beginning….

I have been in Brussels for sometime now (2 years) and I havent really kept track of the strange experiences I’ve had. But I feel I should. Some of the entries may be slightly random. Feel free to leave feedback.

The first saga begins…

My delightful flatmate had kindly agreed to look after his friends pet hampsters while she was travelling. I have never had a pet, but listening to colleagues and friends experiences of growing up with a variety of pets I anticipated this responsibility with relish (yeah ok I wasn’t to actually do anything but still!)

I returned to Brussels after a long weekend in London to see the hamsters seperated. We initially were given four to look after but when I had got back the three bigger ones had beaten the smaller one into a comatose state. My flatmate (M) put the injured one into a seperate box and we hoped for the best.

A day later, we realised it had not survived. We paid our respects and put the little thing to rest. As I spent the next few evenings quietly working, I had heard a small whiny noise. I looked into the box and a tiny hamster had appeared. Apparantly the 3 beasts had been busier in other ways! Two days later we found there were three baby hamsters – with the smallest hands and feet. So like any proud parents we would celebrate the birth of a new hamster (or hamsters in this case). But we were not completely sure of the parentage as these hamsters all look like they have been going at it like rabbits (ahem… excuse the expression)

Ah well lets see how this progresses………The next step for hamsters.....







Hahahahaahha !!! Well amazing tale my friend, amazing tale. Well as its said, God takes one life and give away more … so here you go, the moral of your story !!!

I must say, those Bloody Hamsters hahahaahha 🙂 …

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