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{October 4, 2009}   A relatively unplanned weekend

I am generally quite a lazy person, and this weekend is one of the last few weekends I’ll have before my social agenda picks up again (I’m social butterfly don’t you know!) So a nice relaxing weekend was in order. However, that was not the way it turned out. This weekend has turned to be an exercise related weekend.

After being socially bullied by a bff (princess misia) I ended up signing up for a yoga class with BGGD. BGGD is a bunch of girly geeks who meet up for random events every few weeks, organised by Clo Willaerts. To be honest, yoga really isn’t my thing and with the size of my mouth and the speed at which I use it, saying ‘Om’ once awhile isn’t enough for me. However, I decided to give it a go, as I like to try new things. However tiring the event was, the delightful people from Vitamin Water were on hand to give out refreshing drinks that reminded me of the orange and lemon squash I was given as a child at primary school.

The weekend continued with a mini-marathon taking place outside my apartment so the roads were shut. Now, I don’t know about you, but as the self-titled laziest person in Montgomery, I feel it is exhausting to watch people running twice through my area. These are people who have trained months and months beforehand. They lead a normal social life (spent the previous evening with some of them) and they eat normally YET they are able to move their asses into gear and actually build the stamina to run. Hats off to these people!

I have more to say about exercise but it is Sunday today and watching the mini-marathon runners is giving me a headache, so more later…

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Thank you to Ann Marcelis and Karen vander plaetse for these pictures.

Tx to princess_misia

Tx to princess_misia


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