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{February 14, 2010}   Not another Valentines Day posting :)

So now, we focus on something different! My reputation as a foodie has been well developed and (said in an over confident yet self assured tone) very well deserved.

I eat at different restaurants in London and Brussels – I like to cook for friends and I generally like to eat! I like food! More so, I like simple food which is why a restaurant I like to frequent when I can is called Nandos! Its essentially a Portugese chicken restaurant! I love it I love it – Friends in the US tell me everytime they go, colleagues expect me to pick the restaurant when in Cape Town and in London; friends don’t even flinch when I mention it.

Planning a quick to trip to London, I plan to have dinner with an old friend who was around when my initial love began with Nandos – we arrived at the restaurant at 10.30 and were immediately told that there was no chicken. “NO CHICKEN” we repeated, staring at the staff disbelievingly.
No chicken wings but burgers were fine. We were tired and hungry – we would have eaten our own hands if they put peri sauce on it at that time.
It’s a chicken restaurant! What on earth! That was the end of a very long and eventful week!
Enjoy your next meal 😉

By the way – Happy Chinese New Year (Year of Tiger I believe) and also Happy Anna Howard Shaw day to you all


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