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{February 16, 2010}   Happy Pancake Day!!!

My friends will tell you that I shouldn’t really be cooking and I am not really any good! Especially when you know who my friends are! They are all great cooks! Theres the crazy one and theres the sporty one and theres the funny one who all feed me and tell me not to go near a kitchen if possible!

However, today is pancake day! So Happy Pancake Day everyone!

Hmm food! I should begin thinking about which toppings I want!


mln says:

Awww me like like! Did you get enough pancakes yesterday???

nandosgirl says:

yes – salty and sweet! hmmm food 🙂

What IS Pancake Day anyway? Someone told me it had something to do with the last day before Ash Wednesday, or maybe carbo loading for Fat Tuesday, but I wasn’t really paying attention.

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