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{July 5, 2010}   New day new job! :)

Sorry for the 5 month hiatus but suffice to say – service of random updates is now resumed!

So today is an important day for me 🙂 I begin a new job! Obviously there are a series of important questions that need to be addressed immediately!

What do I wear?
Shall I have my hair straight or curly?
Shall I take a pack lunch or just wing it and see if anyone will like me enough to show me around?

Ermmmm yep clothes, hair and food – all the key areas covered?

Ahh I forgot…

What shoes should I wear?

Yep now all the questions are covered.

So while straightening my hair, I go over the questions and all I can say is that I went a little crazy this morning and now look like this.

Hmm shoes in my lunchbox, my hair looks perfect and some lettuce for my feet to match my cucumber bracelet…. Err wait WHAT? OMG my hair! Arghhh


Darthcoder says:

Nice Blog. I thought Nando was some dude’s name :D, surprised to find out that it is a restaurant’s name. Is it in Brussels? Nice cartoons on the blog, do you draw them yourselves? The blog needs regular updates :).

nandosgirl says:

It does need regular updates! I just need the time! Drawings are mixture of mine and some straight from google. Thankee.

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