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{July 27, 2010}   Learning how to SMIZE!

To have a photo taken for my work website and to ensure I don’t look grumpy or miserable in anyway

I am a naturally happy person, apart from when it comes to taking photos. When asked by my employer whether it was possible to have a photo taken worthy of being placed on the website and wondered if I knew of a photographer. Obviously my mind went to the only person who I would tolerate taking my picture and photoshopping it in a way that there are no food stains remaining on my face or that I am not sticking my tongue out – the completely awesome princess misia.

Knowing that I am difficult person to photo, I should try and make the photographers life easy but I really don’t! The photographer, in combination with my sister and many other avid fashion fanatics are big fans of Americas Next Top Model so the word “Smize” kept being shouted at me on Saturday morning to the puzzlement of our surrounding neighbours.

I don’t smile in a photogenic way naturally as there are many issues I have to overcome – my odd teeth – my crazy thick hair that always look like I’ve been playing with a balloon just before the picture was taken and the fact that I cant smile. So a few days prior to the shoot, I sat at home compiling a list of jokes I had seen on twitter and facebook so when I was told to laugh I would resort one of the jokes and totally crack myself up. Do you think this worked? Errr NO!

Everytime I had to think of something funny, I thought of a joke then looked even more annoyed at the camera as the joke didn’t amuse me anymore. There are series of photos where you can see the internal monologue I am having trying to think of something funny so I can look naturally happy. GEEEZ! The odd thing is – I am a relatively funny person (well I seem to think so, on a normal day I totally crack myself up) and when needed I am unable to produce even a one liner to make myself smile. So this post is dedicated to the photographer, BFF and awesome cook whose life I make a complete misery whenever I feel the need for a new photo!


remember “HAHAHAHAHA”? … “and now all together and out loud HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” … 🙂

Lil' Lub says:

I am hilarious you should just ask me. can’t wait to tell you ALLLLL about my weekend… bring your camera!

nandosgirl says:

Lub – you’re a joker but you’re never there! Otherwise all my photos will be of me on the phone to you!


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