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{December 17, 2010}   Shopping for Christmas gifts

I don’t celebrate Christmas but I certainly don’t turn down a plate of Turkey. The same applies to the shopping frenzy and the awesome deals that are going around the shops in Brussels.

The choice isn’t the largest but now that the shops are open on Sunday it means I can walk passed shoes I like again and again and again, just to torture myself knowing that I wont buy them. I can see friends already preparing their shopping list for items to target when we return in the New Year for the sales.

Picture the image if you will, women eyeing up their future prey while the items lie there helplessly wondering which home they will end up in. I imagine it is the same in every country so I will face the same situation when I return to the family nest for Christmas when my friends drag me out shopping. I am not saying I am any better but sitting back in my comfortable sofa buying all my items online so I don’t even have to consider leaving the house is much more comforting than trawling outdoors looking for great presents and great deals!

Happy Holidays!

We shop any way we can!

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