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{December 23, 2010}   My Twitter statuses versus my Facebook statuses

As we close our laptops and switch off our iPads (yes, it is possible to live without them for a few days – trust me) you see your updates filled with a funky way to analyse your statuses for the past year. I know this as I jumped on this bandwagon whole heartedly last year (see previous post).

In the past year, with the new job/new friends/new apartment there has been more of a segregation between what I post on facebook and what I post on twitter/linkedin (some call this maturity but I wouldn’t go that far… I still watch Power Rangers before heading into work rather than CNN). I thought it would be an interesting comparison to see what were the key topics I covered in both worlds.

so first we have my personal account on facebook

which to summarise is about food, weekends, how awesome food is and about living in Brussels generally. (better than the flat hunting statuses from last year! 🙂 )

and then we move onto my twitter account

which to summarise is about my work and my colleagues firstly but there are sneaky mentions of the Eurostar, my tweets with chefs (I simply can’t resist) and my search for restaurants to eat!

It is safe to say that although there is a clearer definition between topics mentioned in both statuses, both are heavily spiced with my love of food; be it in the form of cooking, eating or just watching it being made! It is not a bad way to spend a year!

I think it is safe to say that the food topic will continue into 2011…


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