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{May 15, 2011}   Lord of the Rings… Seriously – spare me the horror

Sure its been awhile since i have posted anything, but a particular conversation with a close friend has prompted this surge of energy on my side. Let me set the scene…. using the powers of skype we are watching Pirates of the Caribbean (number 1 if you are interested) together and talking about one of the characters from that film (the female pirate in case you are still reading this) was in Avatar and how I had not seen it yet.

Moving on a few minutes in the conversation it came to light that although I had read Lord of the Rings, I had not watched it at all but in comparison my friend had watched the film but not read the book. We made a decision. Whoever received the most votes out of the following poll would have to read or watch the movie dependng on which they hadn’t done. Please understand that watching a trilogy is exhausting (yes we do things in extremes here) – and watching anything that is longer an advert send me to sleep (yes I didn’t make it through the Pirates film)

Please help me and vote for @filmvsbook to read the book. Its the only sane thing to do! Please click here!

Thank you for reading my ramblings and save me 10 hours of my life.



Nether says:

Verily doth thy rambling awaken a seed of chaos, peacefully dormant no longer.
Though hex’d be thy tolerance, and vex’d be thy friend’s suffering,
’tis a choice that brought thee hither.
A choice that ought to leave a scar…

Rambling aside, reading them books and watching them movies, is quite the experience.
I simply cannot answer no to that…

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