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{July 26, 2010}   WANTED – mute training partner…

So my training for the 100k is going well – I have managed to target some friends who have a weakness for my silver tongued charms and agreed to the enticing invitation of a tour around Brussels.

Who better to drag around while doing a 20k trek around Brussels than my newly arrived flatmate who wants an introduction to the cool parts of Brussels. 🙂 I may have failed to mention that we’ll be going at a continuous pace and won’t be able to stop so picture taking, snacking or sitting down won’t really be high on the agenda.

However, this is not a trick I can pull twice, so now I am looking for eager volunteers for a random 10 and 20-25k hikes around Brussels during a weekday evening! (You’re more than welcome to message me on twitter and we’ll sort it out!)
Any volunteers??

I offer enthusiastic banter about nearly any topic and will guarantee that I will bring the topic back to food somewhere during the 2-4 hour walk! If a topic fails to amuse me then I will sing and not necessarily in my head.

So I am offering two things today – a warm welcome to my new flatmate Dagmar who you’ll be hearing about with regards to all the trials and tribulations I put her through and also an awesome chance to listen to me go on and on and on and on and on while I train for the 100k on the 13th August. Its tempting I know!

Have a great week everybody!


Darthcoder says:

Wouldnt a deaf partner with a smiley face be better than a mute partner?
Atleast it’d be a bit more bearable for the partner :).
Yeay for the regular updates!

nandosgirl says:

Hilarious and yes – a deaf partner would be better! 🙂

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