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Ok – today is the day – DODENTOCHT!!

Completely excited to walk my feet off for no other reason that I like walking and I don’t think I could run 20k so a 100k walk here I come!!
Theoretically I have been training once or twice a week with friends walking around Brussels to develop stamina for the 24 hours walk but in combination with a new job and meeting an intense number of people in the last 2 months, things have not gone to plan!

So today will be quietly working in a corner, having pushed all meetings to earlier this week or for next week so today is my minimal movement day. Consequently I spent last night watching the shooting stars and completely relaxing. I imagine my Sunday will be remarkably similar.

Packing my rucksack to last me 24 hours with the essentials is absolutely key!
Ipod and lipbalm

My track number is 4495 and to follow me you should type on the Dodentocht site and send me messages to keep me going via my twitter!!

Before and After pictures to follow 🙂

Wish me luck!

map reading is not a skill of mine!


So my training for the 100k is going well – I have managed to target some friends who have a weakness for my silver tongued charms and agreed to the enticing invitation of a tour around Brussels.

Who better to drag around while doing a 20k trek around Brussels than my newly arrived flatmate who wants an introduction to the cool parts of Brussels. 🙂 I may have failed to mention that we’ll be going at a continuous pace and won’t be able to stop so picture taking, snacking or sitting down won’t really be high on the agenda.

However, this is not a trick I can pull twice, so now I am looking for eager volunteers for a random 10 and 20-25k hikes around Brussels during a weekday evening! (You’re more than welcome to message me on twitter and we’ll sort it out!)
Any volunteers??

I offer enthusiastic banter about nearly any topic and will guarantee that I will bring the topic back to food somewhere during the 2-4 hour walk! If a topic fails to amuse me then I will sing and not necessarily in my head.

So I am offering two things today – a warm welcome to my new flatmate Dagmar who you’ll be hearing about with regards to all the trials and tribulations I put her through and also an awesome chance to listen to me go on and on and on and on and on while I train for the 100k on the 13th August. Its tempting I know!

Have a great week everybody!

{July 12, 2010}   Do you wanna be in my gang?

For some crazy reason – I have decided to do Dodentocht. It is a 100km walk which begins in Bornem (Belgium!) and then the trek continues through several towns.

It is referred to as
the walking classic
the walking fair
the walking feast OR
the annual walking exam
but I think we know which title attracts me the most!!

They have an awesome sponsor list this year and I have begun training! Who knows if I will finish but I intend to go and have a damn good time! Do you want to join me? Register soon, let me know and join us for our lengthy evening stroll! To be honest – the knowledge that there will be food along the way will probably be the only thing that keeps me going (as with any trip I take!)

For a list of refreshments (most important) available and other info go to the Dodentocht page and if you join me and my friend we promise to make you laugh at least once during the 100km walk 🙂

100km is about 62.137 miles so it is doable! 🙂

Wish me luck!

(p.s. – I think you can figure out what the next few postings will be about!)

I begin todays posting by asking myself, what is the social etiquette when one is on a train, or metro or any form of public transport? It’s a topic I have asked myself and many others, it is also a question I have asked many people over years. Many many friends have received early morning texts with exclamations at the behaviours of those around me on public transport. (Sorry to all)
This does not limit itself to one country either, although I didn’t expect weird behaviour on the metro to stop when I move country, I possibly did expect to see a different class of behaviour. Now I can’t really explain why I thought that but there it is.
Two examples spring to mind as I sit on this train to work. One yesterday, a 30-something lady was quietly reading her book when a boy sits next to her and had quite loud music playing. Both minding their own business (obviously I wasn’t) when the woman says to the boy “Please can you turn your music down, it’s very loud?” He replied “no” and looked a little triumphant and defiant at the same time. The lady responded “it’s very loud that I can hear it” The boy looked smugly on while his mates who are standing are all sniggering by the door. The lady then proceeds to take his headphones off one ear. He looks absolutely livid when she says “look, look how loud it is” The boy looked mad and you could see in his eyes – he wanted to lash out in some way, but he didn’t say anything and got off at the next stop with his friends.
What is the social protocol here? Should she have taken the headphones off the boy? Should she have given him the name of a good ear doctor? Should he have respected her request? It’s a very odd scenario and the boy looked no older than 15. It just made me think about the way you behave on public transport.
The second example has just happened when I began writing this piece. The train conductor has come to check our tickets and the guy next to me is picking his nose with some fervour! The conductor and I just looked at this guy giving him a strange look. Should you pick your nose in public? That’s not a question limited to public transport only.
What should you do on public transport? Talk loudly, read, listen to music or clean facial orifices where possible? This morning on the metro, a guy sat in a seat in front of me with a cotton bud and proceeded to clean his ears look at it every once in awhile to make sure he had everything! GROSS! WHAT ON EARTH? WHY?? Is the public transport an extension of your lounge? I think not!
On the other hand, I do make mistakes myself and I understand that I am not blameless. I am that person on the train that sometimes has 3 – 4 bags with her on the train and is struggling to handle everything (its not my fault, laptop bag, handbag, lunch bag and gym bag – now looking at that list, I should probably buy myself a Samsonite!). I am also that person that occasionally puts her feet up on the metro or the trains if I’m working or if it’s an empty carriage and have been told off once or twice – I did listen!
Close friends will say that I should stop complaining and learn to drive. I suppose they have a point, maybe I should get a move on with that…..

The crazy haired one is me.

The crazy haired one is me.

et cetera