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{August 13, 2010}   DODENTOCHT – Finally! Wish me luck!

Ok – today is the day – DODENTOCHT!!

Completely excited to walk my feet off for no other reason that I like walking and I don’t think I could run 20k so a 100k walk here I come!!
Theoretically I have been training once or twice a week with friends walking around Brussels to develop stamina for the 24 hours walk but in combination with a new job and meeting an intense number of people in the last 2 months, things have not gone to plan!

So today will be quietly working in a corner, having pushed all meetings to earlier this week or for next week so today is my minimal movement day. Consequently I spent last night watching the shooting stars and completely relaxing. I imagine my Sunday will be remarkably similar.

Packing my rucksack to last me 24 hours with the essentials is absolutely key!
Ipod and lipbalm

My track number is 4495 and to follow me you should type on the Dodentocht site and send me messages to keep me going via my twitter!!

Before and After pictures to follow 🙂

Wish me luck!

map reading is not a skill of mine!


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